2016 – 2017 Bend Parking Study


The City of Bend has completed a three-part study that will inform the development of a parking plan for the City. The project began with a Downtown Parking Study, was followed by a Citywide Parking Study providing a technical review of parking requirements and policy for the entire city, and wrapped up with a study of the Galveston Avenue Commercial…

City of Bend Parking Code & Policy Assessment (Dec 2017)

Bend Transportation System Plan


WHAT IS THE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM PLAN? The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. It is dedicated to planning for our transportation needs over the next 20 years. WHAT DOES THE TSP DO? The TSP: Outlines policies and projects that protect and enhance Bend’s quality of life; Analyzes current and projected…

The Filtering Fallicy

The Filtering Fallacy


Neighborhood Associations


The 13 Bend Neighborhood Associations provide residents the opportunity to help shape the future of their neighborhood and the City.   NA Meeting Schedule

City of Bend Calendar

This calendar displays City of Bend meetings and events only.

Land Use Resources and Education

The Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA) established a Land Use Working Group to lead an effort to create resources for citizens to better understand the Land use process here in Bend, and the State of Oregon. In coordination with City staff, the NLA’s Land Use Working Group Land Use created and/or updated many resources to help…

City of Bend Planning Commission


The Planning Commission provides citizen involvement which is Goal 1 of Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals.

Oregon House Bill 2001 (HB 2001)

Requires cities with population greater than 10,000 or within Metro to allow duplexes in lands zoned for single-family dwellings within urban growth boundary. Changes to the Bend Development Code are currently being drafted and off-street parking minimum requirements are part of the code changes being discussed.