A Discussion About Parking in the City of Bend*

Parking Myths

Presentation from City Club Forum on June 17

Bend's Parking Requirements: What Should They Be?

* A project of concerned community volunteers and not associated with the City of Bend.


A Discussion About Parking in the City of Bend*

* Not associated with the City of Bend

Parking Myths

Presentation from City Club Forum on June 17

Bend's Parking Requirements: What Should They Be?

For more information on HB 2001, how it is being implemented in the City of Bend and what it means to our community please visit:

BEND: Pump the Brakes and Include the Public in Planning for Middle Housing Code Changes!

Let the City of Bend know you want the community to be heard before adopting code changes that are coming soon.

Learn more about Oregon House Bill 2001 (HB 2001), what it is, what it isn't, and how the City of Bend is excluding the public from a transparent discussion about the impacts of pending changes to the Bend Development Code. Help ensure that middle housing succeeds in Bend because the community supports it.

WE ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN URGING THE CITY TO PUMP THE BRAKES! Please click here to sign the petition.

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PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION – Thursday, July 22nd @ 5:30 pm

City of Bend logo

Come and learn about House Bill (HB) 2001! This week the City of Bend will host a Community Information Session on code amendments that will bring changes to Bend neighborhoods. House Bill (HB) 2001 was passed by the Oregon legislature…


Editorial: What message should neighborhood associations send to the city?

Bulletin Editorial Board | Jul 9, 2021 The best eye-level view of how growth is hitting Bend can be in the debates of the city’s Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, the NLA. It’s where the leadership from Bend’s neighborhood associations get together…


Community Building Subcommittee discussion about parking requirements

The Community Building Subcommittee met on June 11 and on the agenda was a discussion about parking requirements.  This subcommittee is comprised of three City Councilors, representatives from a number of citizen advisory committees and a wide range of city…


The Complete Parking Toolbox

Cities across the country that have engaged in professionally-run parking reform draw on a variety of methods to reduce the over-supply of parking spaces, use land more efficiently, and accommodate the needs of residents and business customers. Experts agree that…


Call for More Public Engagement on Middle Housing Code Amendments

The Sad State of HB 2001 Middle Housing Code Amendments in Bend

The City of Bend should engage the public before holding hearings on proposed amendments to bring the Bend Development Code into compliance with House Bill 2001. The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2001 (HB 2001) in August 2019 to provide…


Bend residents oppose eliminating minimum off-street parking requirements

Bend residents oppose elimination of off-street parking requirements

The recent community survey on the web site about off-street parking requirements was completed by 1,195 people. The large number of responses indicates a substantial degree of public interest in the issue, compared to other online surveys regarding city…


Proposed Middle Housing Code Amendments Available for Review

City staff have drafted amendments to the Bend Development Code (BDC) to implement House Bill 2001, which requires that cities allow middle housing types where single-family homes are permitted.

To review the draft amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and the BDC on the City's web site, click the button below. The proposed changes address minimum off-street parking requirements, as well as siting standards for setbacks, lot coverage, floor area ratio, and building height, and design standards for garage doors, front door orientation, and windows.

A final draft will go to a Planning Commission work session on June 14th. Hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council are expected to be held in July and August.

Email your thoughts on the proposed code changes to the Planning Commission at: and the City Council at:

Proposed Parking Minimum Requirements

From the City of Bend's HB 2001 Public Information Session on July 22, 2021

Parking versus Housing. Does it have to be one or the other?

The Bend City Council is taking up the question of whether to eliminate minimum off-street parking requirements. We believe their deliberations should include input from the community that has to live with the answer. If you are a Bend resident or business owner, this web site is intended to help you learn about the issue and share your opinions with your elected representatives. 

The Bend Development Code has standards for the number of off-street spaces that must be provided on private property by both residential and commercial property owners. This is a long-standing policy, recognizing that vehicles are private possessions and that at least some of the responsibility for parking them rests with the owner. As a practical matter, since the average household owns 1.9 vehicles, there wouldn’t be enough curb space to accommodate them if there were no off-street spaces.

Some cities are experimenting with reducing or eliminating parking requirements. Advocates say that land is a valuable resource that is being poorly used, and that parking spaces don’t add value to our cities. Instead, they say, parking pushes homes and businesses apart, makes neighborhoods less walkable, makes housing more expensive, and places a cost burden on local businesses and low income households.

Locally, the question has been framed as a binary choice — parking or housing that is more affordable. We believe this is a false choice and will try to explain why throughout this web site.

Who we are.

We are an ad hoc group of community volunteers who care about the welfare of our city and want to see smart policies guide the city's growth. Most of us are active in monitoring the City's land use policies and have been studying the issue of minimum off-street parking requirements. We are not affiliated with City government. Please sign up for our mailing list to be kept in the loop regarding pending Bend Development Code changes and their impact on parking.

What We Support.

  • As the city grows, parking becomes a more pressing concern. Striking the right balance between supply and demand affects livability for most residents and profitability for many businesses. Responsibility for supplying parking should be shared equitably by property owners, households, and the public.

  • The city needs fair and practical parking standards for residents and businesses - today’s mixed bag of arbitrary standards results in some being too high, while others are too low. Other cities have developed an extensive tool box of ways to make parking more efficient and to better-utilize land in urban cores. Bend should try more of these methods.

  • The city should follow its own Policy #39 from the Transportation System Plan, and adjust parking standards based on documented changes in behavior and parking demand over time.

  • Bend needs a community dialog on parking.

    The City Council needs to study the issue, document needs, listen to the community, and plan for specific policies and programs. It should not start with a foregone conclusion – that off-street parking requirements should be eliminated – and force it on the public.

The community survey on off-street parking requirements was completed by 1,195 Bend residents. See a summary of the results on the News page or click the button below to view the complete results.

Please note that this was not a city survey.

While the survey has closed, we encourage you to reach out to the City Council directly at to share your thoughts and concerns regarding parking.

Let the City Council know your opinion: Does parking matter to you?


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